Roaming Just Got a Lot Easier with Eduroam Wi-Fi Network

If you’re using GT Wi-Fi and you’ve looked at your Wi-Fi options lately, you may have noticed that there’s another Wi-Fi network available, eduroam, as one of the choices for connecting to Wi-Fi services on campus.

Eduroam provides a secure and encrypted WI-FI environment and is available at more than 12,000 locations worldwide, including more than 450 colleges, universities, and research facilities in the United States. It only works with institutes who are part of a larger global consortium, and Georgia Tech is a participating member.

The eduroam network enables seamless connectivity for members of participating institutions. It provides a way for Georgia Tech students, faculty, researchers and staff to remain on Tech’s eduroam network when visiting member institutions, and also provides Wi-Fi access to visitors from other institutions to connect to their own eduroam network without the need for guest sponsorships or visitor passes.

While you can still choose GT Wi-Fi as your network of choice for now, only eduroam can be used outside of the Tech campus when visiting a eduroam participating institution.  It is important that only one GT network be configured on any device at any one time. So, whether visiting another eduroam-accessible institute, or when entertaining guests from participating institutions, you may wish to switch from GT Wi-Fi to eduroam.

For more information on configuring eduroam, see the LAWN service page at:

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