Georgia Tech Strives for Administrative Excellence

Georgia Tech’s administrative processes and systems have seen a lot of changes over the past three years. Building on feedback from faculty, students, and staff on our current administrative processes and the need for a more efficient administrative experience for campus users, a working group of subject matter experts from across the Institute has been collaborating to lay the foundation for Administrative Excellence (AdminX).

AdminX is a multi-year initiative focused on creating positive experiences for our faculty, staff, and student employees in completing routine administrative activities through:

  • Administrative process improvements, which maximize the value of the new financial, human resources, and service support systems and mitigate the administrative burden involved with everyday activities.
  • Enhanced delivery of common, routine, and high-volume administrative services through the establishment of a customer-centric administrative services center for Georgia Tech.
  • Continuous assessment and improvement that is focused on evaluating the efficacy of our efforts and improving through community engagement.

“While we will always strive for process improvement, this initiative is actually more about our people and helping them thrive at Georgia Tech,” said Kelly Fox, executive vice president for Administration and Finance. “Many of our processes are complex and employees feel burdened by the administrative work involved. If we can simplify the work and reduce the number of hats they wear, we can help them focus on and perform their core responsibilities.”

It is important to note that there are already several initiatives underway to improve administrative processes, especially focused on increasing effective use of our new enterprise resource planning systems – Workday and OneUSG Connect. This includes addressing improvement opportunities, such as student hiring, identified by the academic and research community. These efforts are helping address current process issues while strengthening parts of processes that may integrate into the administrative services center.

The Administrative Excellence initiative will help the Institute realize the goals of its strategic plan through Leading by Example (enacting more efficient and effective administrative processes), Cultivating Well-Being (reducing the stress, anxiety, and frustration of our administrative staff), and Championing Innovation (discovering new leading-edge ways to operate and implementing innovative practices across the Institute).

This initiative involves anyone who performs or engages with administrative processes, and over the next year, students, faculty, and staff will have ample opportunities to become part of the solution through surveys, info sessions, process-improvement working groups, and more.

The AdminX team is excited to embark on this journey with the campus community and looks forward to building and implementing solutions that will help employees be less transactional and more transformational with their time and talents. More information will be coming soon and the team plans to begin engaging with targeted groups over the next few weeks. In the meantime, questions and comments may be submitted to

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