Workplace culture sets the tone in every organization. To help create and promote a strong and healthy workplace culture at Georgia Tech, several units and colleges on campus have implemented a Staff Culture Advisory Council. To date, these councils have been successful in improving staff morale; providing more opportunities for staff to develop within their careers and serve in leadership roles; and empowering staff to share their experiences in an open and trustworthy manner. 

Administration and Finance (A&F) has created its own Staff Culture Advisory Council to serve as an advisory committee to leadership to:​

  • Create a collaborative environment​,
  • Build workplace relationships​,
  • Foster employee wellbeing​, and
  • Promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Each member of the A&F Staff Culture Advisory Council has the following responsibilities:

  • Represent and serve as a liaison between staff members and their respective unit leadership​
  • Attend Council meetings and meet with unit leaders on a monthly basis to provide status updates​
  • Participate in and/or lead ongoing projects
  • Promote respective unit level staff engagement activities​
  • Propose initiatives and/or programs to support the Council’s overall mission​
  • Share information among the respective unit
Grace Battle Headshot

Grace Battle


Business Relationship Manager of Executive Relations
Information Technology

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Lisa Christopher

Talent Advisor Senior
Administrative Service Center

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Larry A. Goodman

Building Coordinator
Infrastructure & Sustainability

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Bryan Harber

Training Generalist
Human Resources

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Elizabeth Henry

Elizabeth Henry

Lab and Chemical Safety Specialist
Infrastructure and Sustainability

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Cheryl Kelley

Cheryl Kelley

Program & Ops. Manager
Strategy and Compliance

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Melanie Paulina

Melanie Paulina

Administration Operations Coordinator
Information Technology

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Valerie Roberts

Business Analyst
Finance and Planning

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Our goal is to create a collaborative environment, build workplace relationships, foster employee wellbeing, and promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.  But we can’t do it without our A&F colleagues. Please take a moment to connect with us to provide your thoughts and ideas so we can continue to promote a strong and healthy workplace culture at Georgia Tech.  
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