Biannual Compliance Training opens for all Georgia Tech employees Feb. 26.
Georgia law requires that all Institute employees disclose business transactions — conducted by themselves or family members — with the state or any state agency.
A&F leadership announces organizational changes to support Institute operations and compliance.
Leo Howell, chief information security officer at Georgia Tech, has been named interim vice president for Information Technology and chief information officer.
Construction mobilizes on the construction of connections from Tech Parkway to the John Lewis Student Center area.
To implement operational resiliency for the entire campus, beginning in mid-December, the chilled water system valves will be replaced, or new ones installed, in a phased approach.
The 2023 Comprehensive Campus Plan (CCP) proposes many exciting possibilities for the future of the Georgia Tech campus.
Georgia Tech Human Resources and the Administrative Services Center has partnered with the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) to strengthen the integration of GTRI’s human resources teams and the campuswide HR service delivery model. 
This summer, the Administrative Services Center has welcomed several new teams into its portfolio as it continues to position itself as the one-stop shop for high-volume, administrative services.
$484 million in state appropriations for fiscal year 2024 opens the door for Georgia Tech leadership to prioritize areas of investment.