Interviewing @Tech provides support to people leaders through the interview and hiring process for staff. Register for an upcoming information session to learn more.

To more effectively support people leaders through the interview and hiring process for staff, Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR), the Administrative Services Center (ASC), and an Institute-wide project team have collaborated to develop Interviewing @Tech. 

Interviewing @Tech is a dynamic training course, paired with a comprehensive suite of resources, to help navigate the interview process with confidence. The resources are crafted to ensure the Institute makes a great first impression and selects the right talent to further our mission and goals.  

“We understand that hiring may not be a regular activity for many people leaders, which makes the process challenging to master,” said Skye Duckett, vice president and chief human resources officer.  “We developed Interviewing @Tech to streamline the interview process and curate a one-stop shop of resources for people leaders to help improve the hiring process for staff — and ultimately everyone.” 

Next Steps for People Leaders 

  1. Explore the resources on the Interviewing @Tech webpage. It will be a central information hub and serve as a resource library for accessing and utilizing essential tools for the staff interview process.  

  2. All people leaders who hire staff must complete the Interviewing @Tech course through Genius, per University System of Georgia (USG) policy. This course will explore key resources, examine the interview process from start to finish, and review policies that are critical for talent selection. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. All 12-month supervisors (staff and faculty) who hire staff are required to complete the training by Aug. 31. Nine- or 10-month faculty who hire staff must complete the training by Oct. 31. 

Ready to Learn More? 

Register for an upcoming Interviewing @Tech virtual information session using the links below. While the training is mandatory, participating in an information session is optional.   

 Interviewing @Tech is a commitment to excellence and innovation. We look forward to your participation in upcoming information sessions. Together, we can build a stronger community that continues to lead and inspire. 


  • Call the Administrative Services Center (ASC) at 404.385.1111.