Events throughout the month of October offer a glimpse into the wide-ranging commitment to sustainability at Georgia Tech.
As a result of proactive financial planning, most Institute operations would not be immediately affected. The longer a shutdown lasts, the greater the likelihood that operational changes would be necessary. 
Georgia Tech Human Resources relaunches Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to foster inclusivity, celebrate contributions, and enhance personal and professional connections among faculty and staff, with an upcoming
On the one-year anniversary of the launch of Sustainability Next, a publicly available version of the plan is being released and several plan initiatives are coming to life.
Georgia Tech will host its second annual Data Days conference Oct. 23 – 25.
Hertz conducting a pilot program with Georgia Tech to rent more electric vehicles to employees for business travel.
The progress of campus construction keeps a steady pace year-round. Below is a status update of campus projects.
New Accounts Payable training to provide overview of processes for financial administrators on campus.
The recently completed expansion of the BioSpark Labs facility advances life sciences research in the Science Square district.
Effective Aug. 15, the Parking and Transportation Services department will move under the leadership of Infrastructure and Sustainability.